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The tricky world of TV continuity

Hello everyone,

You all know how much I enjoy the bridal side of my work. It is such a privilege to be part of someones special day and seeing the final photographs always gives me a thrill.

But (as you may have seen from earlier posts) I am very lucky to also be involved with the make up for theatrical and film productions. These projects call on different creative skills and certainly involve their own sets of challenges that the other side of my work doesn't.

Recently I was asked to create a nasty cut on the side of an actors face that he had received during the drama. So far so good, but the scenes featuring this actor were shot out of sequence. I had to think carefully about how the make up would change, even slightly, in each scene and keep exact records of how I had achieved the result so that continuity would be maintained. Everyone seemed pleased with the result so I must have got it correct. Se what you think.


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