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Such a rewarding year

The past 12 months have been so rewarding for me as a hair & make-up artist. The variety of work and the people I have worked with and for have made my job a complete pleasure. I know many of you look at my blog page and I can only apologise for not posting more frequently.

A big thank you to the beautiful Brides and their families that I have had great delight in working with over the past year. Being presented with the Hitched Award for Hair and Make-Up 2023 has been the icing on the cake.


My work on TV and film has been especially rewarding. Here are just a few highlights...

I was lead make-up artist on the film Indi For England. Written and directed by Billy Dosanjh and starring Ajay Chhabra, Bitu Thomas and Nathaniel Sahota. Set in the mid 90's the film tells the story of emigre mother Sheeru and her British born son Indi, who dreams of playing professional football. The cast and crew were amazing to work with and made it a pleasure to get up up each morning.

Another great project was the Football Association's Disability Cup. This was both a pleasure and an inspiration. The finals were broadcast live on BT Sport and I was working with presenters five-time Paralympic champion Hannah Cockcroft and BT Sport presenter Lynsey Hipgrave.

Finally I was involved in a mindfulness project for Mindful Disunion Week called Pyramid of Disunion. The wonderful thing about all these projects is the shear variety it gives me as a professional.


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