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The 4 R’s of lockdown Weddings

I can only imagine how disappointed people must be who have had to postpone their weddings, often at the last minute and possibly more than once because of Covid measures.

But, after a period of crying, shouting and/or chocolate eating, perhaps I can suggest a couple of things that may help you to use the time in a positive way so that when your wedding actually dawns (and it will) you are looking your absolute best.

Re-think healthy eating and exercise – after the initial disappointment, eating well and incorporating exercise into your daily routine will both help you to make you feel better.

There are lots of exercise videos online and yoga is a great way to combat stress and help you manage your emotions. I can personally recommend Adrienne. Her soothing voice always calms me down.

Refresh your skincare…. Decide what your particular skincare concerns are and research some new products online. Remember to introduce new things gradually and this will make sure your skin looks great on the big day.

Revisit your ideas for hair and makeup. If you saved ideas on Pinterest or maybe a mood board have another look and see if they are still exactly what you want.

You may have had to change your venue or guest list and so you may be considering a slightly different look from your original one. Remember that although our world may appear to be standing still the world of style and fashion still moves on.

Reach Out to family and friends. Once they have accepted the disappointment, they will be supportive in your change of plans. Talking about the wedding will help you to look forward to when it will actually take place.

If you need hair and makeup advice for your wedding day I am always happy to arrange an online call through ZOOM where we can chat through different options.

Lets all look to the future and stay safe



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