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Lockdown Hair

Although no one can claim that their hair is a priority these days of a Public Health crisis, there is no doubt that one’s hair is an important part of feeling good about yourself. Something we all need now. So here are my thoughts on how to cope without our usual visits to the hairdressers……at least for the moment.

Condition – invest (if money allows) in some good shampoo and conditioner, especially designed for your hair type. There are lots of great brands available online for brands like Moroccanoil and Redken.

What you eat is reflected in your hair, skin and nails so try to follow a healthy diet as best you can and maybe consider taking a supplement. Do your research, there’s plenty of good information online.

Style – This is tricky but as a hairdresser I would advise against wielding the scissors. However, annoying it might be it is best to wait until you are in the hands of a professional to avoid doing damage that could take months to put right.

Why not experiment with using hair accessories? Try Alice bands, scarves, or just pretty hair clips and maybe you’ll a whole new hair look. Bring out your inner creative!

Colour – Once again, proceed with caution! If it’s just a question of root regrowth there are plenty of root touch up sprays available – a quick online search bought up several at different price points.

You might try contacting your usual stylist to get some advice. Many have phone diverts and they will have your notes to look at and might be able to suggest something to tide you over until their salon is open again.

In the meantime, remember, if it does go wrong it’s not the end of the world.

Good Luck and stay safe.



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