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What do Xbox, Georgian fashion and Cheerleading have in common? Read on…

I can’t believe that we are already one quarter of the way into 2018 and this is my first post of the year. I’m really sorry to have been offline but the first three months have been a bit of a whirlwind.

So, a couple of things to catch you up with. A London base production team invited me to attend ‘Rare’ headquarters in Twycross for a live filming for the launch of Xbox Sea of Thieves Game. Not only was it a pleasure to work my magic on the investors but it was an amazing insight into the way in which a video game is created.

The same production company followed this up by asking me to go to Playground Games in Leamington Spa (the creators of Forza) to assist in the live production of their new game. The details are under wraps at the moment – but believe me it is very cool!

History is often referenced in photoshoots Lou Howard of Limebridge Photography used the Georgian era as inspiration for ‘A Twist of Georgie’. The shoot made full use of our joint creativity as the hair & makeup was highly stylised and based on the fashion of the period.

I had the pleasure to work with Danielle Hyland who, together with her team was selected to represent England at the Cheerleading World Championship in Orlando Florida. The Photographs, by Marta Kochanek are terrific and I’d also like to thank Barbara Gibson-Kochanek for her help.

The wedding season has started and Your West Midlands Wedding Magazine featured a collaborative photoshoot from Lightwoods House. It’s always nice when your work is published – I love being part of someone’s special day and helping them achieve exactly the look they want. That’s what makes being a professional makeup artist so satisfying.

If you look at my About me page you will see that I have a new portrait photograph for which I must thank Marta Kochanek. Having a portrait picture taken by an award-winning photographer was really special and I hope, like me, you think she’s done a fabulous job.

I promise not to leave the next post so long and remember, if you have any questions relating to makeup or hair please get in touch.



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