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10 make-up tips for your on screen appearance

In response to a question sent to me through the web site. The person concerned had been invited to give an interview on a local TV channel and wanted some advice on her make-up.

With a number of years’ experience working in TV and theatre these are my top tips if you are going to appear in front of the camera.

  1. Don’t assume someone will be there to help you, not all production houses or small TV stations have their own make-up team.

  2. Make sure you cleanse your face thoroughly, then tone and moisturise. Use a primer for staying power before you apply any foundation.

  3. Check your face thoroughly for any spots, blemishes or redness. These will be highlighted by the camera. Use colour matched concealer or full coverage foundation to hide them.

  4. Television and film are not the theatre. Don’t be tempted to apply lots of make-up. Too much is worse than none at all.

  5. Use a sponge or brush to apply the base. You need as smooth a finish as possible and make sure its blended into the hairline and just below the jawline into the neck.

  6. You’re going to be nervous and therefore may perspire more than unusual – sorry! To help combat any shine apply powder to your nose, forehead and face. Make sure that the colour matches your skin tone.

  7. Use a lip balm and a gloss lipstick to avoid your lips looking flat on screen. Outline lips with a lip pencil, then shade the whole of the lip surface using a rolling motion. Lastly use a lip brush to apply the lipstick.

  8. If strong lighting is being used this can flatten the face so add definition with eyeliner and blusher.

  9. Don’t be tempted to use your everyday make-up. Most of the big brands such as MAC have a range of products specifically made for TV and film.

  10. For the men out there, yes you do need to wear make-up too. A balding head or shaving shadow benefit from powder and foundation.

Finally, a spritz of your favourite perfume will make you feel good and give you confidence.

Now go and make a great impression.


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