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NEW - Dedicated Make-up Studio

I am thrilled to be able to announce (drum roll please) the opening of my new make-up studio.

As you know I have been working out of Salon G but have, for a long time, felt the need to have a dedicated space so that I can continue to provide the best possible service for my clients. The custom fitted studio will provide a relaxed but focussed environment so that I can work with my clients to achieve the look they want.

Make-up artists like myself very often have to work on site on a fashion shoot or in a TV or theatre changing room, so it will be a real luxury to have my own studio where I can discuss a client’s requirements and then get to work on what is a collaboration between myself and the person in the chair.

Client's should leave my studio feeling that they have been listened to and understood and looking the way they imagined.

I’m proud to say that the new dedicated make-up studio will help me to achieve this. I look forward to showing you.


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