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Summer Make Up...

Hi Everyone, I hope you’ve been enjoying the heatwave? I love the sunshine, but it certainly presents challenges as far as make up is concerned. Many of you probably opt for a minimal look during the day – your SPF followed by a tinted moisturiser and perhaps a coat of mascara. But there are times when you want a more polished look so, in answer to several questions, here are some of my favourite summer time products to help you achieve it.

If you love make up you know the importance of prepping your skin. I am a big fan of Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm. It will tighten and moisturise your skin and is a great primer to use under make up. You can apply it after your SPF.

I’m often asked for bronzer recommendations and my absolute favourite is Chanel Soleil Creme Universal. It is a cream – gel bronzer with a luxurious, velvety finish and is really versatile. You could wear it under foundation to give a healthy bronzed glow to your skin. Don’t forget though to include your neck! It can also be worn on top of your foundation in the same way you would use a powder bronzer. I have also worn it on its own when I have some colour already in my face – it is brilliant at evening out my existing tan. It is a high-end product but a great investment as it lasts for ages. If using all over the face I would use a sponge or beauty blender otherwise a soft brush.

Bobbi Brown’s iconic Shimmer Brick which come in a range of great shades add warmth and definition. For summer I like pink or bronze. They are brush on powders which create a soft dewy glow – lovely on the cheekbones.

As for eyes, define your brows and then sweep a green eye shadow over your lids. Green is on trend right now and will make your eyes sparkle. Even if you are nowhere near a swimming pool, waterproof mascara is a good choice in the heat.

Finish your look with pale pink shimmer gloss – Mac’s Dazzleglass are gorgeous shades with my own favourite being Sugarimmed.

So, keep on enjoying your make up and if you have any summer favourites I’d love to know what they are. Have a great remaining summer.



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