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In Celebration of Women

In my last post I touched briefly on a recent project I have been involved with working once again with award winning fine art photographer Marta Kochaneck.

She wanted to create a series of mages inspired by and dedicated to women, exploring their loves, relationships, curiosity, fascination and passion.

The series focussed on different characters – The Painter and Muse, Car Mechanics, Army Girls and Movie Makers.

It is always a challenge to shoot outdoors especially with our British weather and the resulting light changes but we had a great team of women working together to help Marta realise her vision. I think the on-site images I show here capture how amazing the whole experience was and how inspiring the finished collection will be.


Marta Kochaneck

Sammy Davis

Barbara Gibson

Darren Masters

Talents Model: Anu Singh Puar

Evie Branka

As I close the door on 2017 I'd like to wish all my readers and those I have had the pleasure of working with a Happy New Year. Let's make 2018 a make up full year.


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