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Hydrating Radiance...

January has been a busy month of new year wedding trials and, like many make up artists, trying out new additions to my make up kit.

In particular I've really enjoyed using Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm from Elemis. I love a product that multi tasks and this balm delivers on two fronts. It is one of the new generation of moisturisers which not only provides great hydration but also illuminates the skin. This makes it the perfect primer for make up.

To apply I simply massage a small amount of the balm onto my face instead of my normal moisturiser and then I apply my foundation. If you have dry skin you may want to use it on top of your usual moisturiser, especially during the winter.

I love how my skin feels after using this and it must look good too, as I keep getting compliments on how well I look.

Let me know what you've discovered, maybe a Christmas gift of a product you hadn't used before.


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