My Radio Debut!

You would think as a makeup artist I would be naturally outgoing and chatty, so you may be surprised to learn that I am quite shy! So, despite being really excited I have also got butterflies when I think about a job I have scheduled for this coming Thursday.

I am going to be interviewed by All Business Media FM and will be broadcast live on Thursday 30th November at 2.30 pm. All Business Media FM is an American based broadcaster but broadcast to an international audience, so it is an exciting opportunity. I am sure once I start talking about my passion for makeup and hair my nerves will disappear. It would help to know that my friends and followers were listening, you support will be really encouraging.

Wish me luck and as always, I will let you know how I got on. In the meantime, here are the links for you to listen to me. Remember Thursday 30th November at 2.30 pm UK time. or

Take care


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