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'Lov’yer' – working with Marta Kochanek

Lov'yer by Marta Kochanek

The exciting thing about being a professional makeup artist is that you get to work with some amazingly talented people in the world of visual arts, so I was thrilled to be invited to collaborate with fine art photographer Marta Kochanek on her latest series of photographs entitled ‘Lov’yer’.

The team Marta had put together was a dream to work with and she had spent 8 months in preparation so nothing was left to chance. The makeup and hair brief Marta provided for each look was clear whilst still allowing us freedom to be creative. This meant that we were well prepared for the challenge of working with 16 models over 7 sets in just one day. Each shot is very individual and required its own specific styling.

The series portrays seven very different relationships. She contrasts old and young, curvy and slim, black and white, straight and gay thereby representing a cross section of society.

In Marta’s own words:

"The history of humanity registered hundreds of thousands of romances and mésalliances of all kinds. The world witnesses love between people of all nations and races. This planet gave the room to those attracted to people of the same, opposite and both genders. It’s how this world is constructed. It’s how it always was. For my new 'Lov'yer' project I portrayed seven relationships that are formed by both majority and minority of the whole population that occupies this globe.

'Lov'yer' is a very intimate insight on 7 different relationships I managed to capture in one day. Love, judgement and rejection... my thoughts, observations and fascination. As a woman, lesbian and a foreigner I went through all sorts of moments of rejection because of who I am, who I love and where I come from”.

Lov'yer by Marta Kochanek


Photographer: Marta Kochanek

Executive Producer: Marta Kochanek

Production Manager: Evie Branka

Production Assistant: Barbara Gibson

Production Assistant: Adam Fray

Photography Assistant: James Beddoes

Photography Assistant: Ian Jones

HMUA : Gemma Howard – Masters

HMUA: Zaneta Swiatlowska

HMUA: Joanna Stokes

Stylist: Danijela Vunduk

Talents: Joseph Ladlow Loula Geater / Sarah Powell / Will Keetch / Nicola Griffin / Alan Sharman Agency / Raife Connelly Maddox Ian Henchir / Adam Lee Mroz Steven Voss / Ifeoma Obi Theodore Griffiths Sammie Howe Lizzie Bayliss Tony Bayliss Freddie Bayliss

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