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Makeup & Hair keep it natural. 7 trends for 2017

Recently, I have been asked by clients what are the key trends for 2017 so I have put together this list of 7 key things. Remember, they are just trends, you can incorporate them into your look or not – it’s up to you!

  1. Skin – For Spring the overall look is fresh and healthy. Use a tinted moisturiser and concealer to achieve a glowing, healthy look. You want to let your own skin show through. Use a cream blush in a shade that mimics your own cheek colour after you have been out in the fresh air.

  2. Brows – Aim for a full (no overplucking!) natural shape. Help yours along by using a brow pencil or the ones that contain fibres. Build your lashes slowly and then comb through with a spoolie brush.

  3. Eyeliner – There is a move away from the bold winged effect to a more natural half flick – the difference is in the colour. Jewelled colours like emerald and navy are bang on trend.

  4. Lashes – Mascara to add colour, length and volume will never go of fashion but as we are aiming for a more natural look you may want to switch from a full set of false lashes to individual lashes for a special occasion.

  5. Lips – A classic red lip and a nude lip will always be in fashion but in 2017 berry tones will be popular. You could give a berry or plum lip a try for evenings and for daytime choose a pink or mauve tone. The right shade for you is one that you wear and it makes your eyes sparkle.

  6. Hair – There are two key trends to be aware of this season – braids will be everywhere – either in a loose French plait or as tiny braids woven into a messy bun. There will also be an emphasis on natural textures with less pressure to blow dry and colour. The best hairstyle for you as always is the one that takes into account your hair type and face shape. But it’s nice to know that new products will be available that cater for a more natural look.

  7. Nails – Finally get ready for metallic colours for both hands and feet – these will look great with your summer tan.

braids are on trend in 2017

When you go beauty shopping you will be able to spot these trends and you can decide if they are for you. That’s the great thing about makeup, there are so many looks and products to experiment with. If you want me to recommend a product or are unsure if something will work, send me a message. Enjoy spotting and maybe even trying these new trends and feel free to send me your pics.


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