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The Wedding Season is here!

If you have got a wedding to attend as the bride, mother of the bride or groom, bridesmaid or even as a guest then you need to plan not only your outfit but your make-up too.

In the four weeks before the wedding pay extra attention to your skin care routine, maybe add in a gentle exfoliator, treatment mask or facial oil to ensure you have a good canvas to work on. As a pampering treat you could even book a facial, not only will your skin look good but it will be a way to relax from the stress of all the wedding preparations.

It can be really helpful to book a session with a professional make-up artist who will talk you through the sort of look you want and how you can achieve it. Their expertise will guide you through different products and how best to use them. Many make-up artists will be happy to come on the wedding day and do your make-up. This means you will look fantastic and have only had to sit and relax in order to achieve it!

If you decide to do your own make-up here are 6 tips to help your make-up look good, all day (and especially in the photographs).

  1. Use a primer – it will mean that your foundation looks smooth and lasts all day

  2. When applying foundation, you should take it over the jaw line and onto the neck. Use a brush to buff it into the skin

  3. The foundation you choose should not have an SPF – this means it will photograph really well. Take some selfies to try out different ones and see which looks best on camera

  4. Use an eyelid primer to make your eye shadow last

  5. It must be waterproof mascara for obvious reasons, it’s a wedding right?

  6. Make sure you have powder and lipstick in your handbag and a couple of cotton buds so that you can touch up during the evening.

If you have any specific questions or you are interested in booking a trial session, please get in touch I’d love to hear from you.


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