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Girls who wear glasses

Wearing glasses brings its own make-up challenges so for girls out there who wear glasses here are some general tips.

Don’t put too much foundation on your nose – the area where your glasses rest. Use a light touch then set it with powder.

Glasses invariably cast shadows so use a light reflecting concealer around your eyes.

When it comes to your brows think about your frames. You don’t want the shape of your eyebrow to clash with the shape of the frame. A neat groomed look is what you are aiming for. This can be achieved by maintaining a good shape (tweezing or threading) and filling in any gaps with a pencil or powder.

Now it depends on your lenses. If you are long sighted your lenses will magnify your eyes so your make-up will also be magnified. So, blend your shadow well and avoid sparkle.

If you are short sighted your lenses will make your eyes look smaller so to counteract this – use a light pencil along your water line and put a light coloured shadow on your eyelid. Keep dark colours for defining the socket line.

Try different mascaras to get the effect you want. Some will add volume, some length and definition. Don’t forget to curl your eyelashes. The technique takes a bit of practice but really makes a difference.

Have fun experimenting to see what colours and techniques suit your glasses and personality. If you need any help or additional advice get in touch.

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