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My top 10 skin care tips!

Healthy skin is one of the most important ingredients for beauty enhancement - Here are my 10 recommendations.

1) Knowing your skin type... Many people make the mistake of using any skin care and not every skin care product suits everyone.

2) Drinking water is so important it keeps your skin mist and healthy... Recommended ammount per day is at leat 8 pints.

3) Cleansing and toning your skin 1-2 times per day.. This gets rid of any toxins, dirt, pollution and make-up left on the skin. I am a big fan of Clarins cleansers and toners.

4) Exfoliating the skin twice a week is good to remove any dead skin cells and give a healthy glow folloed by a face mask to add extra rediance. I recommend Gatineau Radiance mask or Elemis Pro-collagen cleansing balm... This product can e left on as a mask or used as a cleanser and removed with luke warm water. Remember to be gentle with your skin.

5) Moisture is the key to good skin, keep it well hydrated with a good moisturiser - I am a loyal customer to Estee Lauder Moisturisers they have a wide variety suitable for all ages and skin types.

I currently use their 'Rivitalizing Supreme - Global Anti agesing creme'

6) Eye care is also important the skin around the lip and eye area is the thinnest and weakest leaving it vunerable to ageing - Investing in a good eye cream or gel is important.

7) Avoid using soap on the face as this drys the skins PH levels out.

8) UV Sun protectors on the face are a good way to fight off ageing and add protection. Most good quality moisturisers and foundations do come with an SPF 15.

9) Sleep and regular exercise - very important and keeps the body and mind in good shape.

10) Avoid as much stress as possible this ages us tremendously without realising it. Take breaks if possible to avoid everyday routine, relaxing baths and a good nights rest.

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