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What does makeup mean to you?

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Last week I went out for a drink with some friends and as it usually does when I’m around the conversation turned to makeup and skincare. Lisa had read an article about why women wear makeup so we decided to give some of our reasons – apart from the obvious of wanting to look better! We all agreed that our relationship with makeup was more complicated than that…

“I like to be creative, and trying new products and looks taps into my creative side”

“it helps me to feel confident knowing that I’ve made the effort with my clothes and makeup”

“It’s like my armour, I feel stronger”

“When I was a teenager my dad would look at me before I went out and tell me to wash it off! When I apply my makeup now I still feel that spark of rebellion and it’s a good feeling”

“It’s a bit of luxury for me. I like expensive products -the packaging, the smell, it’s a way of spoiling myself – I work hard and I deserve it!”

“I enjoy the ritual of putting it on, being in front of the mirror and seeing how just a small amount makes me look less tired and yes, younger and not so hung over”

Can you identify with any of these feelings or is it something completely different for you?

For me as a professional makeup artist with almost 20 years’ experience, it’s not just about using makeup for a photoshoot, a catwalk show or a theatrical production it’s much more. The right makeup, skilfully applied can make a bride achieve exactly the look she wants on her wedding day, it can give someone the confidence to move forward on the next stage of their life and it can allow a person to look the way they always wanted to.

Makeup has the power to transform an appearance and I love showing my clients how to do just that.

Let me know what makeup means to you.


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