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Spring clean!

The sunshine this weekend and the fact that the clocks have moved forward made me think about spring and what better time to refresh your look and invest in some new products.


Makeup tends to have a shelf life and so it is important to have a clear out and throw away any products that are out of date. Even as a professional I quite like doing this. It reminds me of some of the products I haven’t used in a while and is also a great excuse to go make up shopping – although if you are reading this you probably don’t need an excuse!

Mascara should be replaced every six months. Powder and foundation after two years and lipsticks are fine for a year. Some products show how long they can be used after opening – the symbol is a jar with a number of months on. Obviously are just guidelines; if you have any doubts about a product – it smells funny, has started to separate or discolour then throw it away.

Make up brushes need to be washed regularly. You can use something gentle like a baby shampoo or buy a special product for cleaning brushes. If you use a sponge or beauty blender, wash them and replace regularly.

This is also the time I like to buy a new makeup bag. I have two for my personal use. A large cosmetic/toilet bag that I keep in the bathroom which holds my current favourites and then I have a small bag that I keep in my handbag to hold my lipstick and powder when I go out.

I would love to hear from you and see what are your current favourites so please free to send me a message or visit my Facebook page . Don’t forget, although I’m a professional makeup artist based in Birmingham I’m happy to hear from you wherever you are.

Take care


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