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The benefits of airbrush makeup

Several people have asked me what foundation airbrushing is, so I thought I'd explain. It consisits of a light diffusion of foundation which instead of being applied with a brush or a sponge is sprayed onto the skin using a compressor. It was originally used in Hollywood in the 1959 film Ben Hur but has become increasingly popular with the use of high definition video and photography.

The fact that it gives a sheer, natural base and yet can last upwards of twelve hours makes it an ideal choice for brides and their mothers. But it can also be used on men to cover a five o'clock shadow or any one looking to create a special effect perhaps for a fancy dress party.

It does need to be applied by a professional but is fast and hygenic . I use Mistair products on my clients as I find the silicon based foundation sits beautifully on the skin and as it is both sweat proof and water resistant, this makes it ideal for TV and film work and obviously weddings! It can also be used to achieve a contoured effect and to apply blusher.

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