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Longing for summer?

7 makeup tips to recreate your summer glow without resorting to lashings of bronzer.

  1. Use a gentle exfoliator every few days. It will remove dead skin cells and improve the condition of your skin

  2. Before applying foundation use a primer which is designed to give radiance to the skin, not only will it deliver this but also help your make-up stay in place all day. This is invaluable if you are going straight out in the evening and you have no time to redo your make-up

  3. Choose a foundation that is designed to give a glow to the skin. There are lots to choose from in all price ranges but don’t be tempted to go darker, look for one which disappears into the skin.

  4. If you need more coverage use a concealer only on the areas that you need it – under the eyes and around the nose

  5. Be sparing with powder and just concentrate on the T zone

  6. You can use bronzer, just make sure that it is a matte one and just a shade darker than your natural skin tone. Your aim is to warm up the skin not look as though you’ve just returned from a two-week foreign holiday. Lightly dust the bronzer on the areas where you would naturally catch the sun – the temples, cheeks and across the bridge of your nose

  7. Don’t forget blusher. Choose a shade that is similar to the colour your cheeks naturally go when you’ve been in the fresh air. Put a pop of colour on the apples of your cheeks and your good to glow!

If you have a question about makeup or hair please send them via the contact page of the website.

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